"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023

"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023


Dedicated and Featured to my Grandchildren with love from Grandpa.

My Grandchildren, although not all of them. Eion, I've never laid eyes on, but have talked with him on the internet.

This is a special Featured page I've created, just for them! I've set this page up for my grandchildren. I don't get to see my grandbabies very often, because of distances, which, I no longer drive and my children all live in other states now.

Of course, Grandpa always gets pictures when there are new ones available. But, they are all just so dear, in my heart even though we live, hundreds and hundreds, of miles apart. And, when the kids are up to it, then the grandchildren and I get a screen time visit.

The funny thing about it is, "I believe as we get older, we too, start to get giddy about becoming grandparents!"  ~ William 

Grandchildren rely on the care we give them. They look for the care and nurturing they need to grow. To help them understand how things work and teach them with love.

Their bright little faces, just make it all, worthwhile.

Grandparent At Last

My granddaughters,

Aira'lee Nadean, Adelina Grace.

Grandparent old, of grandparent new,

the special joy that you're, bringing me true.

Fairy tale's told, in the rosy past,

my first, granddaughters, are here at last.

Fishing trips and ice cream cones,

lullaby songs, until we doze.

Stories told, upon cozy laps,

sunny walks, on shaded paths.

Butterfly kisses and big bear hugs,

truly grandparents is another word for love.

| Copyright © | William Darnell Sr. |

| Year Posted 2011, 2020 |

Source - PoetrySoup

#butterfly-kisses, #ice-cream-cones, #granddaughter's,
#lullaby-songs, #special-joy


Every grandchild needs a grandpa. Whether biological or not. Grandchildren deserve grandparents in their lives. They need all that I have mentioned in my poem to my grandsons.

And each has there own framed copy on parchment signed by this Grandpa.

I have written one for my granddaughters as well.


To my grandson's,
Eoin, Christopher, Rowick.

A boy needs a Grandpa,
for, man-to-man, talks.

To, go hand in hand,
on companionable walks.

To fix up his toys,
when they no longer go.

To, tell him the things,
little boys want to know.

A boy needs a Grandpa,
to show him the way.

To, handle a puppy,
to teach him fair play.

To impart bits of wisdom,
he's learned, through the years.

That, it's no disgrace,
for a man, to shed tears.

A boy needs a Grandpa,
to sit on his lap.

And, if no one is looking,
they take a wee, nap.

Each,  wrapped in an aura,
of love and esteem.

Each, smiling gently,
at some special dream.


| Copyright © | William Darnell Sr |

| Year Posted 2011 |

Source - PoetrySoup

#grandpa, #aura, #Impart-bits-of-wisdom, #man-to-man-talks, 


Rowick Devine 07-14-2019 3 1/2 mnths old. Grandpas' lil slugger

Rowick Devine 07-14-2019 3 1/2 mnths old. Grandpas' lil slugger

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