"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023

"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023


Dedicated to my late wife Shannon, of Love we shared and how inspired we used to be before the tragedy.

Love, is a beautiful thing...

Love, is a beautiful thing...

This poem was written for my late wife, Shannon, may she rest in peace, and is dedicated.

I love you more today, more than I did yesterday.

And I’ll love you even more tomorrow.

Until we meet again…

Inspiration of Love 

At the moment that I saw you,

somehow my heart just knew.

That I would have some kind of life,

filled with loving you.

In the moment that you touched me,

as you pulled me to your side.

Your arm slipped down around my shoulder,

my heart no place to hide.

At the moment that I touched you,

I felt your heartbeat beneath my hand.

The look I saw there in your eyes,

spoke a language I could understand.

The moment that you held me,

is somehow frozen in time.

A place of sweet contentment,

engraved is this heart of mine.

At that moment when I felt your heart,

gently dancing with my soul.

| Copyright © | William Darnell Sr |

| Year Posted 2003, 2020 |

Source - PoetrySoup

#contentment, #gently-dancing, #heartbeat, #inspiring-love, #inspires


"Dreams are like the gateways to a life that has never been lived"...

The way we were with each other, the friendship, our marriage that it grew to be. Thank you, my dear wife, for the lasting thoughts that carry my mind to places in my heart of untold purities. I miss you so desperately, and I can never forget our love, marriage, and children, and now, we have grandchildren. I sure hope you approve, even though you're not here. I'm a hot, hot mess without you.

Until we meet again, Shannon, I love you.

May you always rest so peacefully.

Often My Dreams 

Dreaming of

her dreams.

Her dreaming,

her dreams.


but I wish she had,

dreamt of us.

My dreams are

dreams of us.

I dream for the longing of us,

a lifetime, loving her.

|Copyright © | William Darnell Sr | 

| Year Posted 2018, 2019 | 

Source - PoetrySoup

#dreams, #longing, #inspires, #passed-away, #rest-in-peace

Me, Hand-drawn

Hand-drawn in 2012-02-14 
2012-02-14/2:36p Me in my younger days. Drawn by hand with pencil and colored pencil and enhanced by computer filtering.

2012-02-14/2:36p Me in my younger days. Drawn by hand with pencil and colored pencil and enhanced by computer filtering.

I love you more today, more than I did yeasterday. And I'll love you even more tomorrow.

I love you more today, more than I did yeasterday. And I'll love you even more tomorrow.

My late wife and I were having some trouble and were not embraced at this time of our sorrows. It troubled me so badly; I started losing sleep over it. Upon writing this poem, e worked through our troubles as we always have to a degree. I loved her so and missed her even more. 

To my wife,

Shannon Marie Darnell

Rest in peace Shannon, I love and miss you very much,

until we meet again.


As we lay next to each other,

not embraced,

it breaks my heart.

We wake each morning day,

holding one another,

but still never embraced.

It tears at my being,

that I long to be with you.

As my heart yearns and longs,

to touch your heart,

to caress your mind,

and to embrace your soul.

It's endless,

as to the touch of a flower.

I have searched the highs and lows,

the mountains to the seas,

and the sea's to the heavens above.

And now,

the embraceable has been found,

in a yearning heart like mine.

For the ty that she shows,

and the love that she shares,

is far beyond anything I have dreamed of.

To this,

I thank you,

for the embrace that you have given to me,

that I have only dreamed of to be.

I love and miss you very, very much, Shannon.

Until we meet again, rest peacefully!

| © CopyrightWilliam Darnell Sr. |

| Year Posted 2013-19 |

Source - PoetrySoup

#embraced, #yearning, #touch-of-a-flower, #caress-your-mind, #embrace-your-soul, #touch-your-heart

My wife, long-ago past now, and still, I yearn for her touch, smell, and feel. I sit and talk with her, silently, as if she was standing or sitting right beside me. I remember how we would walk in the meadows and lose track of time. 

Her memory, such joy, the smells of perfume, like the wildflowers in the meadows or lilacs.

Meadows of Green

In the meadows of green,

the flowers so bright.

We walk in the pasture,

with our thoughts being right.

We talk with each other,

we cover our fears.

Our hearts are together; love has some tears.

We talk with each other

all day long.

Holding hands with the flowers,

making life,

being strong.

Our love never fades; our hearts are so true.


how I love you,

how can it turn blue?

In those meadows of green,

we used to walk through.

| Copyright © William Darnell Sr. |

| Year Posted 2019, 2020 |

Source - PoetrySoup

#holding-hands-with-the-flowers, #meadows-of-green,

#making-life, #being-strong, #lilacs' 

A picture of what you might find in a meadow.

A picture of what you might find in a meadow.




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