"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023

"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023


This website is a consortium of its Mother site, with several websites, and eventually might set out on its own in the future. 

Hello, Everyone! 

How are you doing? Well, let me jump right into this. This site is a sister site, but for now, it has a lot of the same material that site #1 has. Its purpose is solely for my benefit more than it's anything. I'm not going to start as an eCommerce selling anything just yet, but I am entertaining the thought of it.

The interest of the site is "Writing, Poetry', Writing, oh and more Writing, and Paying-It-Forward". We are positive people, and we have our days too. I currently have some featured pages and dedicated pages for my grandchildren and my late wife as well.

I'll run these featured pages here, one for "'other writers' from all different genres of writing. You'll find that I'm being linked to my 'copywriter/publisher' poetrysoup.com because they have 'inspired me for who they are,' and we are a community of `liked-minded unique individuals that have muses for words."  And its also linked to a lot of writing websites that I'm connected too.

In the past, I have tried this coding or writing script, and personally, it's not for me with my current circumstance or condition, but in general, it still isn't for me.

I've been writing a story concerning myself, and hopefully, find time to finish writing it. I've been trying to write this story for quite some time, but it needs to come out. It is about self-conviction and trying to find forgiveness for me. Been 22 years, and I'm exhausted.

And please support the Mental Health Association's, locally or even globally when and if you can.

I suffer from mental illness,  a very real emotional setback, and it hasn't been easy for me, especially my childhood. But life isn't fair, it isn't supposed to be either, life is a journey, and we all just need to live the best we can, without hate in mind or heart. That word isn't in my vocabulary, and I don't like using it, but I have felt it along with rage once, about 22 years ago, and it about destroyed me, and this is about self-conviction.

So, with that said, that's what we are about here at site #2 "Writer's, Writing Words:' being characters" © 2020

Best of Wishes,

William Darnell Sr

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Haha, I thought these would be appropriate for this site. Thanks for coming around.
Haha, I thought these would be appropriate for this site. Thanks for coming around.
One side looks like an
One side looks like an "e', and the other side a 't', spelling the word 'et', meaning 'and."

The History & Origins of The Ampersand

The Pompeian periods first century and carried on to 79 a.d., an ampersand, a symbol, was discovered as a mural on a wall in a dynasty temple.
They then used later on in life, as a ligature in centuries to come. In the Latin language, they had it categorized, then they used the ampersand symbol in writing as either the letter "e' or a letter, 't' forming the word 'et,' which meant in the Latin language meaning, 'and."
Soon the ampersand symbol took on a new form and finally symbolized the word "and', with a new character look '&' and referenced it, to it's meaning `and."
Later on, and as time moved on forward, so did the symbol of the ampersand, and the Latins gave it characterization with its "symbol." Today, couples from around the world made the ampersand a symbolic meaning or gesture to its character "meaning '&' or 'and', as in ‘togetherness’, or gestured ‘you & me” in wedding ceremonies to come and started a trend that is still trending on today.

Written by:
William Darnell Sr

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Swagger © Poetry/William

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I'm Thankful for “Breathtaking Views.”

“Even though with life's ups and downs in life's trials and tribulations. `It still has, “Breathtaking Views”, along its way. And that's a “Beautiful Thing.”

   - William Darnell Sr

    Source - PoetrySoup

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