"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023

"Writers, Writing Words:'                     being characters" © 2023


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8 Dec 2020

In This Technology World, We Live

Technology has turned out excellent, but to sit as we all watch it grow, but leaving some of society out of this equation, is unacceptable behavior. The developers need to stop and rethink how they're developing for the communities' most astonishing invention, taking away from all our lives now but is the way we all do business, which is excellent. "So please, don't take this article out of its context." 

I decided to add to some feedback I gave on Windows 10 and how my browser displays pages, and how my laptop was running, which has sparked this article. 

To make things even more accessible to those who have difficulties comprehending things due to life-changing incidents beyond his/her control and humanity's nature. Sometimes life-altering changes happen to one's life that turns out in debilitating un-expectancies. 

For instance, "I had died over a year ago and was placed on life support for a bit. I lost 68% oxygen to the brain, leaving my body and brain getting 32%, `which the doctor's hoped would return to normal,' but instead, the way things have turned out for me today, "I have difficulties comprehending something." 

"All I do, is keep asking for help because I have problems understanding something, or it takes me longer to learn something, more times than not?" 

I get nowhere asking, why do you think that is? Perhaps the lack of compassion or caring of someone that has a disability? Then try to sell you something to make it work for you, despicable.

Or when I go for walks to circulate blood flow, the blood clots could start forming in my arteries from peripheral artery damage. But I get winded easily, even if it's a block but lose oxygen and then struggle for air from another health condition. Still adding fuel to the fire, it was the loss of the oxygen in the first place, while on life support, that's caused all this. 

  1. And I have been asking the pulmonologist to be put on oxygen to get out more for blood flow. 

My primary doctor saw this first hand now walking about 2000 yards and was quite concerned from the oxygen telemetry meter reading of 62% and waited about 15 minutes and retook it, reading still the same. It wasn't until 30-45 minutes later I left when my oxygen was about 82%. 

The intake nurse is the one that first saw this and said, well, maybe it was the meter and went to get another one; really, she went and told the NP what was happening. All the time, I was struggling to breathe, which I knew eventually would come back up.


But, in walked my doctor or NP, that's whom I see actually, and put her hand on my shoulder, William, are you ok? Well, no, this is how I get when I walk. I have my inhalers here; I haven't smoked but two cigarettes this morning. From the walk from the main road in front of the hospital to the back here, these results.


I go through this all the time, and the pulmonary doctor knows this and still won't give me oxygen, a "broken-down society." If I die again from this, there isn't any turning back the next time and no life support next time either; I'm tired, I have a DNR in place, sad as me saying this, because of a "broken-down society."


Instead of leaving within us unresolved questions with no one having answers to them, and going within ourselves, creating even more frustrations to an individual needs? "People couldn't possibly know what that feels like and don't understand the life of another person's journey and what they face already. 

Inside the individual, leaving them rendered to the feeling of the uncompassionate care they see in their eyes, and now, a new journey for them; they must walk through life this way, which is unacceptable but, undoubtedly understandable in a "broken-down society."


It's true; "I might be having these difficulties that others couldn't possibly understand." But still, one thing is for sure, "society is broken-down when other individuals boast about helping in a disability world of unexpected turnouts and leave them with an unsettledness inside because of the lack of helping." 

"Before we can start to make changes in this broken-down society of uncaring people, `these changes begin within ourselves first, before they emanate outward."


"However, this is an official viewpoint that leaves me still very "Thankful," how I need to proceed with my journey through life, `which helps me become a better person today than yesterday."


I am a writer, and I too rely on this technology for writing; I like it or love it; it is part of whom I've become today. "I cannot explain how I can sit here and write something like this, but I still have a rough time understanding something now?"


Instead, we add pure cold-heartedness to the equation, sucking the lives out of them or their pockets. "What happened to the pureness of kindness?" 

The lack of help when we ask for it and send you to these pages to read regardless of how "they" want to justify it; it just gets humanity and the people of it, absolutely nowhere.

"It isn't helping anything, but adding to an unresolved solution?" 

Try making something better for what an individuals' experiencing; this same incident, for which had, provoked me to write this opinion of the developing developers. Instead of focusing on "ads," please focus on the individuals' experience now? 

"It will even make for a better internet experience." 

I had no control over losing my life, making my comprehension this way and be this way. Thing's in this life happen for reasons' beyond our understanding, just saying!

Written by: 

William Darnell, Sr.

11/26/2020 9:33 PM

#feedback, #comprehending, #loss-of-oxygen, #broken-down society,

#debilitating un-expectancies, #unresolved questions, #be-part-of-the-solution,

#life-altering changes 

30 Nov 2020

Just For Today

Just for today,

I choose to; Free me from the insignificant worries,

and focus only on that which matters.

Looking and moving forward,

searching for unique passageways to encounter.

Taking paths, I wouldn't usually go down,

but life is a journey looking for a new adventure.

I am focused along these roads for the opportunity to arise,

seeking vitality to complete this pathway's journey.

Just for today,

I choose to; Look forward to the perpetual crusade of the moment's significance.

| Copyright © William Darnell Sr |

| Year Posted 2020 | 

Source - PoetrySoup


15 Jul 2020
Mischief Lotus was posing for the camera. He likes getting his picture taken.

Mischief Lotus was posing for the camera. He likes getting his picture taken.

Mischief Lotus Is His Name

He has this beautiful coat of fur,

solid black is his color.

This little rescue cat,

comes to me at such a young age.

He was just 5 weeks old, my best friend that I got.

A bond I never felt before,

a little furry friend,

he's knocking at my door.

He is 3 years old now,

a complete pleasure to me.

Well, he can box, standing on his hind legs.

He's my little furry friend,

I taught him to play.

Then we go to sleep at night,

he lays on his pillow next to me.

We hold hands to paws,

we drift off to sleep.

He is my rescue cat; he has him forever keep.

Dedicated to: Mischief Lotus 🐾

| Copyright © William Darnell Sr|

| Year Posted 2020 | All Rights Reserved | 

                    Source - PoetrySoup™

#black-cat, #rescue, #poetry, #dedicate

24 May 2020

  I Hope

I hope you find,
  what your soul needs today.

For it had always been looking,
what to see,
what to say?

Them roads that you take,
and them paths that you follow.

When you are on that hill,
just can't seem to swallow.

If you turn back now,
it won't be to bind.

That you have been watching,
and waiting from behind.

Its time for you to go forward,
and be all that you can be.

It comes down to this my friend,
so have yourself,
a really good day!

| Copyright © | William Darnell Sr |

| Year Posted 2020 |

     Source - PoetrySoup 

#hope, #soul, #age

27 Apr 2020

Mighty Oak, Her, You Are Beautiful

credits: Google Search This Oak Tree is over 200 years old. Their strength and endurance is incredible. Just look at her branches and the length of them?

credits: Google Search This Oak Tree is over 200 years old. Their strength and endurance is incredible. Just look at her branches and the length of them?

Standing her,
so proud she be.

Her beauty,
the mighty oak tree.

So tall,
it's the length of her,
all the world to see.

Even by the heavens,
who created her to be.

Her mighty strength,
her undeniable beauty,
she possesses.

Forever really,
a great success.

You are amazing to me,
the strength she takes.

Though the clouds that sit above,
her branches and limbs,
sprawling up in the sky.

Her searching for,
radiant essences,
she counts on to survive.

If you're looking at her good,
breathing from the inside.

Keeping you alive you see,
with oxygen,
for this world to be.

Forever grateful to her adorn,
the mighty oak is she!

| Copyright © | William Darnell Sr. |

| Year Posted 2020 |

              Source - PoetrySoup

28 Oct 2019

A talented artist, singer and music encouragement to millions.

R.I.P., brother…

 A National Tribute To Chris Cornell 


Such a treasure! He’ll always live in our hearts, and nothing can take that away from any of us! The beauty of death can sometimes make treasurable moments, that we all band together in moments that break worlds such as this. In his memorable footprints that he left behind for us to live on, not forgetting his time here, but seeing the beauty that he left for us to just stop, look around, and see them like this!

Rock on, in those Skies of Blue! You will never be forgotten in our hearts and souls. You were an inspiration to millions of people and other musicians and talented singer, writer and a music encouragement to millions.

Thank you, for being the artist you were and became, I’m grateful. You’re loved by millions, and your love will remain here in this life for all eternity as it is marked now. An inspiring artist you were. R.I.P., Chris Cornell and play your music and sing your songs to the Angel’s up there, including God!

God Bless you, brother…

With Deep Sorrows,

William Darnell Sr

| Copyright © William Darnell Sr |

| Year Posted 2017, 2019 |

Source – PoetrySoup

#singer, #songwriter, #musician, #overdose, #encouragement

28 Oct 2019

Arduino Uno R3 and the Dr.Duino Shield go hand in hand on DIY Projects in the for at home or office.

Dr.Duino Shield for the Arduino Uno is a multifunctional electronics tech board. Let's meet the man who invented Dr.Duino Shield and founded its company.

This was an earlier version of the story and a few changes had been made

I’ve always been fascinated by the electronics technology industry since I was a young teenager. My older brother, Bobby, as my guide, teacher, would repair and fix broken or damaged electronics. This is how my brother and I would spend quality time with each other as kids. Over the years I have fixed and repaired countless electronics, TVs, VCRs, stereos, DVD players, cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, etc...

I was recently on the Facebook platform, and that’s when I found Dr.Duino Shield as an ad of his and became part of my scroll in feeds of the social media community platform. I’d log into the platform, as most of the world does, and there sat Dr.Duino Shield ad, being faithful in my feed.


Arduino Uno and Dr.Duino Shield being put together to create some projects someone has in mind.

I wandered over to his website, http://www.drduino.com, and looked around to see what it's all about. The site owner, Guido Bonelli, is an electronics engineer-teacher, inventor and founder of Dr.Duino Shield Company. An instructor in his products and guides his students and customer's hands, knowledge and skills, into the best they can be in the interests of electronics technology. The electronic Dr.Duino Shield tech board was created and invented to go along with the electronics tech board Arduino Uno and I believe other boards created by the Arduino Electronics Tech Company.

He has created a VIP room for his customer’s on Facebook's platform, to which they can meet other people that have the same common interest in mind and that’s bought his products. Guido gives insight into what’s coming up next on his agenda. I was part of this VIP community of his until I canceled my account and we all learned together and from one another.

I have great respect for this man, teacher, electronics engineer and inventor/founder for Dr.Duino Shield for allowing me the honor of writing this story of him and his products, Guido Bonelli, his brilliance in the technology profession.

He is a very good man, very knowledgeable in his career, and, "I say this to the fullest degree of its phrase". On Wednesday evenings, Guido Bonelli has devoted his time to a young group of students and teaches and mentor’s them about electronics, it’s fundamentals and coding and various other scenarios. How electronics have been shaping our world every single day. Here’s a link to his group of students he's devoted time too. Have a look;


Arduino Uno with Dr.Duino Shield

With Arduino Uno and Dr.Duino Shield creating another project. 
There are so many different variables out there for the two Tech Giants in their inventions.

The inventor/founder of Dr.Duino Shield,
Guido Bonelli, a brilliant electronics engineering teacher, inventor, dedicated to his students and customer's in the shaping of our electronics industry and how it will shape our world in many different ways, some life saving too.

Thank you, Guido Bonelli, for allowing me the honor and pleasure in writing your story!

Written by William Darnell Sr. 
Formally known as; 

Attn: * All Trademarks, (TM), (R) and other Copyrights ©, other than this story, belong to their respectful owners. 

All Rights Reserved

#technology, #tech-shield, #drduino, #arduino, #inventor, #a-pillar-to-community's,

28 Oct 2019
Parker Solar Probe is the fastest and closest that we've ever had a chance in the past. Between NASA, John Hopkins University and Dr, Eugene Parker, 91, in which the Solar Probe was named after.

Parker Solar Probe is the fastest and closest that we've ever had a chance in the past. Between NASA, John Hopkins University and Dr, Eugene Parker, 91, in which the Solar Probe was named after.

With technology leading our future lives, it has got us closer to the sun's corona than we've ever been. More importantly, we can more effectively study the sun's atmosphere much better and learn how it relates to our galaxies' existence.

Today August 21st, 2018 at approximately 3:31a EST, this morning, the Parker Solar Probe launched for the sun's atmosphere. The second mission of its kind going to the sun's corona to analyze the atmosphere. In 12 weeks, but0 it will be to the sun's corona where the satellite starts it's a seven-year mission to collect data of its atmosphere. In six weeks it will cruise past Venus, the no turning point in its mission.

Parker Solar Probe will travel at speeds to over 430,000 miles per hour and make 24 laps around the sun from a distance of 3.83 million miles away. This would be the corona of our sun, analyzing its atmosphere, and sending this data back to NASA. It's the fastest satellite ever to be built by man and the closest we have ever come to the sun. Last time we sent a probe to the sun was in 1976 coming to a distance of 27 million miles away. The distance from the earth to the sun is an astonishing 93 million miles.

This mission, if it survives it's blistering heat conditions, a staggering 3-4 million degrees Fahrenheit at the sun's surface, (up to 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core), and at 3.83 million miles away, temperature's of over 2,500° Fahrenheit will go down in history! The satellite has a heat shield of 4.5 inches thick, protecting it and it's instruments from the blistering temperatures of 2,500° if not hotter and higher.

An hour after launch at 4:31a, it separated from its thrust rocket's and is now embarked on its seven-year journey. Congratulations to a successful launch NASA, John Hopkins University, and to Dr. Eugene Parker, 91, and everyone that played part in a job well done on a fantastic journey to understand the majestic Star of our solar system and galaxy.

Parker Solar Probe is the first of it's kind to be named after a person which is Dr. Eugene Parker, 91, and the man that initiated this project and mission.

| Written by William Darnell Sr. | 
| Aug, 21st, 2018 5:32a EST. | Copyright © |

| Year Posted 2018, 2020 |

Source - "Writer's, Writing Words:'

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